Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chemo Round Nine & Thyroid Issues

It's a little late in coming, but I figured I should finally get around to posting a Round Nine update. Everything went normally, and it was good to have my Dad in town for a few days. I've noticed some more prominent numbness in my fingers and toes. It usually goes aways after a few days, but docs say they'll try to tweak my dosage so that it doesn't have permanent effects. (Good idea!)

I also had an ultrasound performed on my neck last week because the PET-CT showed some "activity" on my thyroid. The ultrasound confirmed that there was a small patch of something on my thyroid, but it's difficult to tell whether it's something major or minor. My oncologist wants to have someone else take a look at it, but apparently, endocrinologists are tough to come by in Tucson. I'll have to wait two weeks before I can get into see one, so in the mean time I get to focus on the day-to-day again.

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