Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chemo Round Ten

Round Ten was on Monday. My veins are starting to go on strike it seems. So many of the patients have ports these days that I think the nurses can get a bit fussy when they deal with someone like me who has opted against one. I only have two more treatments, so getting a port at this point seems sort of silly. My attitude is, I have some good veins somewhere, so go find one! In all seriousness, the nurses and staff have served me really well, and they've made the process pretty easy for me.

Side effects are still under control, but I've noticed a slight decrease in appetite. I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead with work and other miscellaneous tasks, so I'm hoping for no major speedbumps.

I still won't know anything about my thyroid until at least next week. I'm hoping it's nothing major because I'm sick of being sick.

July 14: Consult with an endocrinologist
July 15: My birthday :)
July 20: Chemo Round Eleven
August 3: Chemo Round Twelve (of Twelve!!!)

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  1. Happy Birthday, Justin! Hope the consult went well, too :-)
    Andrea O'M.