Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PET-CT results with photos

Here are the before and after photos from my scans. The first one is from January 30th and the second one is from June 19th, after eight rounds of chemotherapy.

The light areas represent uptake of the radioactive tracer (i.e. thar be cancer!). Some light areas that can be ignored are the brain (top of the photo), heart (center), and the bladder (bottom). As you can see, there were numerous cancerous nodes in my neck, chest, and abdomen. Now, however, they're gone. Yay for science!

I will still continue with my last four chemo treatments so as to eradicate the microscopic traces of the cancer that may be lingering. Take no prisoners! Then, I'll have another scan in six months to make sure none of those pesky cancer critters came back.

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