Wednesday, April 29, 2009

That crazy bacon fever!

So this swine flu thing seems to have great timing, considering that I have a pretty compromised immune system. I've heard predictions going both ways about whether this thing is going to get really big or not. Regardless, ANY kind of additional contagion is a no-go for me right now, so I decided to be a little cautious and order some N-95 respirator masks off Amazon. I figure they'd be handy in some of my upcoming travels when risk of infection is relatively high.

In other discouraging news, I just had what I know to be a super-awesome egg salad sandwich and it tasted pretty bland today. I think I may have to light my tongue on fire to get some kind of flavor sensation.

To end on an upnote, I learned yesterday that I got a promotion and a raise. This is very encouraging given the rather dismal economic circumstances some of my friends are in these days. Good luck and hang in there people!

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