Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One month out: Thumbs up

It's been one month since my final round of chemo (time flies!), and today I visited the oncologist for a check-up. We reviewed my latest labs and all of the indicators (including my white cell count) are back to normal/pre-chemo levels. No enlarged nodes either, as far as we can tell. I also feel pretty good. It's nice to make it through the day not looking and feeling like a zombie. I still have some mild neuropathy (numbness) in my fingers and toes, but they say most of that should go away. I'll continue to have some more scans and checkups, but from here on out, no news is good news as far as the Hodgkin's goes.

There's still the matter of the mysterious thyroid. I have surgery next Thursday to remove half and possibly all of the gland depending on what they find. Until then (and after, of course), I'm just living life.

September 10 - Thyroid surgery
December 2 - PET-CT scan

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